Everything can be personalised

The Collection 4.0 has been thought out to have the utmost freedom to personalise everything you desire.
In 4-mm thick brass, it allows fixing both with exposed screws and with concealed magnets.
The finishing on its surface can be chosen among metals or paints from the RAL. Personalisable engravings, from the logo to the icons indicating the destination of use of the toggles.

  • Square switch plates
  • Design electric switch plates
  • Electric switch plates
  • Switch plates
  • Brass light switches
  • Switch plates
  • Switch cover plates
  • Personalized electric switch plates
  • Flush electric switch plates

Configure the switch plate based on your requirements
  • Shape
  • Finiture
  • Cut
  • Fixing
  • Small lever
  • Switch components (Full List)
  • Icon